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The School ukulele Revolution is here!

For several years I have been teaching ukulele as part of the primary school music curriculum. This has been done in support of wider opportunities and has been a great success. The children are taught in whole class groups using sets of highly affordable classroom ukuleles. They learn to sing and strum traditional songs and songs written especially for the purpose of teaching ukulele. I have also provided workshops for music teachers in the Somerset Music Service, Hampshire Music Service and taught adult groups at festivals across the UK and in local ukulele clubs.

Workshops and Whole Class Tuition

If you already have ukulele lessons going on in your school or you are thinking about introducing them I can tailor workshops or lessons to meet your needs. All my workshops and lessons are suitable for children in upper Keystage 1, Keystage 2 and Keystage 3. Here are some of the options I can offer.

  • One or half day workshops to introduce ukuleles to your school.
    • Inspiring performance from me showing the range of possibilities on ukulele, workshops to teach the basics to whole classes and children's performance to the whole school at the end of the day.
  • One or half day workshops to inspire and move forward ukulele groups already in your school.
    • Inspiring performance from me showing the range of possibilities on ukulele, workshops to move children's ukulele playing to the next level and children's performance to the whole school at the end of the day.
  • Whole class instrument and vocal tuition.
    • A series of ten one hour lessons working with a whole class or group of children. The children learn the basics of playing ukulele and singing though fun exercises and songs. They learn to play and sing together as a ukulele orchestra culminating in a performance to parents at the end of the term.
    • All the lessons are linked to the learning in the music national curriculum. The lessons can also be tailored to suit cross curricular links to topic themes.
    • The number of lessons can be extended to 30 (3 terms) allowing the children to really extend their learning and develop their skills in playing the instrument whilst covering more areas of the music national curriculum.
  • Workshops for teachers and support staff.
    • I provide fun adult beginners workshops for your staff to promote new learning and provide a positive team building activity. Learning the ukulele is fun, enjoyable and provides opportunities for your school staff to consider how they can work together as a group and reflect on the challenges we face when learning something new.
    • I provide a workshop with opportunities for your staff to learn the basics of teaching the music national curriculum though learning the ukulele and how to apply techniques to whole class instrument tuition.
    • Workshops can be of varying length and be part of in-service training or during a staff meeting.

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Why introduce ukulele into your school?

Not only do children access the music curriculum in a fun and exciting way but they develop group skills and gain in confidence as they master the instrument and play together. This can have many far reaching benefits for children's self confidence in their learning and in working together to achieve. A few years ago I wrote an

article for ‘Teaching, Thinking and Creativity’ about the benefits of school ukulele. Click on the link below to view a pdf of the article;

To see me in action have a look at this CNN news report about my School Ukulele Revolution;

Ukulele Article

I have published a scheme outlining how to teach ukulele as part of the national curriculum in primary school. There is a teachers book with links to the national curriculum, lesson plans and a CD of backing tracks, examples and games. There are also full colour children’s books which help them to chart their own learning. Both are available from or other good book shops.

School Ukulele Orchestra – Teachers Book

Tim Lewis

ISBN: 978 1 84417 912 1

School Ukulele Orchestra – Pupils

Tim Lewis

ISBN: 978 1 84417 911 4

To enquire about workshops at your school email