Private Tuition

I offer private ukulele lessons for beginners through to more advanced players. Basic lessons cover all aspects of playing ukulele from first strums to playing whole songs using a variety of strums and techniques. For the more advanced students the lessons cover syncopated strumming, jazz/swing strumming and finger picking techniques.

All lessons are tailored to suit the individual and so choice of songs and techniques can be specific to each student.

1/2 hour lesson - £10

1 hour lesson - £20

Lessons for 2 students

1 hour lesson - £25

Lessons are available in person in Taunton, UK or available via Skype.

Lessons via skype are charged through PayPal

Why not take a lesson using

There are lot of great ukulele learning resources available but there is nothing better than 1-1 lessons from an experienced teacher. I offer lessons for beginners or can help the more experienced player move to the next level.

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